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— Riddle —
These are puzzles of logic or wordplay.  Some are easy, some obtuse.  If you think you know the answer, make a guess by posting a comment.
Title: Translation, Please
Author: David Wilhite
Category: Riddle      Article: riddle/001-TranslationPlease
Posted Date: 12-Mar-2007      Created Date: 12-Mar-2007
David's Comments: I'm inaugurating a new "Riddle" category with this article. Can you translate this from G[r]eek to English? Post your guess as a comment, using the link below.
Reader Comments: 2
12-Apr-2007 Bob Gately writes: I Love SciFi. Cute.
12-Apr-2007 David Wilhite [web] [e‑mail] writes: Correct! ... on both counts.
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Translation, please:


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