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This is artwork that (only?) a parent can love.
Title: how old are You?
Author: David's daughter
Category: The Fridge      Article: fridge/002-HowOldAreYou
Posted Date: 04-Oct-2008      Created Date: 04-Oct-2008
David's Comments: Sometimes answers to universal mysteries can flow freely from an unfettered mind.
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♫  how old are You?  ♪

It was one of those whimsical conversations that we sometimes have.
My daughter started out by asking how old a person has to be to get a driver's license. One thing led to another, and she said, "I heard about the magic numbers: age 10, because that's when you reach double digits; 12, because then you're a pre-teen; 13, because then you're a teenager; 15, because you can get a learner's permit; 16, because you can get a full license; 18, because then you can vote; and 21, because you can drink."
I said, "Here are a couple more magic numbers to add: 25, because your insurance rates go down; and age 65, because then you can retire."
She gasped in shock at the staggering number, "Age 65! That's like how old God is!"
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Title: SMW's Mystic Nativity
Author: David's daughter
Category: The Fridge      Article: fridge/001-SMWsMysticNativity
Posted Date: 29-Sep-2007      Created Date: 26-Apr-2007
David's Comments: In her school's Gifted and Talented program, my daughter copied the style of Italian Renaissance artist Sandro Botticelli. Can you tell which is the original and which is the copy? The following elements of Botticelli's work are incorporated: subject (Jesus' Nativity), color, style (Renaissance), and brightness.
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SMW's Mystic Nativity
SMW's Mystic Nativity
Botticelli's Mystic Nativity
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