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Title: Sofa So Good
Author: David Wilhite
Category: Cartoon      Article: humor/005-SofaSoGood
Posted Date: 09-Jul-2006      Created Date: 09-Jul-2006
David's Comments: Based (loosely) on a real life event.
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LCD - Lowest Common Denominator - cartoon series by David Wilhite
Sofa So Good
Harold ... ... Harold ... You hafta come see this. Millie, it's 2 a.m. What the #&%$ do you want?! It's a couple of guys with a truck. They're looking at the sofa we put out at the street ... I think they're gonna take it! That old ragged, moth-eaten, moldering, sagging, stench-factory? Gonna miss it, eh?

Are they looking this way? / Oh no! Quick! Hide! Did they see us? / I sure hope not! Oh no! No, no, no! Noooooooo!!! They turned over the cushion.
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